Gerald Kiing (Gerald Kiing) wrote in ilifegarageband,
Gerald Kiing
Gerald Kiing

Loading Sound Samples into Garage Band

Hey guys, I'm new here and new to GarageBand. I'm going to buy a Macbook Air soon. I'm going to use the GarageBand (the Macbook Air already comes with the GarageBand in it) to compose some great music which I wish to license and sell and earn some money.
I have a Kurzweil PC3 LE7 syntheziser which I'm going to connect to my Macbook Air not only as a MIDI keyboard, but also I would like to load some programmed and modulated sound samples from my Kurzweil PC3 LE7 into my GarageBand so I can use them and play them in the tracks I'll be composing. So is it possible to load the sound samples straight from my Kurzweil PC3 LE7 into the GarageBand? Or do I need to some other external software to do so?

Please reply ASAP. Thanks :)
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