n/a (aerynvale) wrote in ilifegarageband,

Greetings fellow Garage Band-ites!

I discovered this community through the user info of a friend of a friend and was like, "Whoa, all these people using Garage Band. Cool!" and so now I'm posting.

I've done some test recordings with the software and this latest one I'm pretty happy with. It's a song called High Adventure I wrote nearly ten years ago in high school, and since I'm so familiar with it I use it for test recordings. I used a $70 Russian (seriously, the manual was all in Russian) condenser microphone to record the accoustic guitar. The bass I put through a little Eurorack mixer thingy, and that went via RCA jacks to a PowerWave USB audio device.

Anyway, here is the result. Feedback is appreciated. :)
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