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Ready to fire up GarageBand

Hey all,

I finally have a spare machine on which to install GarageBand. I want to know if what I have will be sufficient. I already have most of my songs written and arranged, so I will be recording most of the instruments live with GB serving as a sequencer and drum machine (since I don't play drums).

450mHz G4, 1GB RAM, 2 HDs (total of 90 GB), FireWire.

The machine will be used exclusively for GarageBand. The 10GB drive will be used for the OS and GarageBand only, while the 80GB drive will be for data. I've got a Tascam USB PreAmp that I will use for mic, guitar and keyboard inputs.

Is there anything else I should know or is there anything additional I need? Any advice is appreciated.


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the Garageband Jam Pack is really excellent.

I think 450 G4 is good enough, but depends on how many tracks you'll be doing at once. My 1Ghs TiBook seems to be able to go up to aout 15 instrument tracks and 4-5 live tracks... So you're looking at probably half that.
i read somewhere (and this seems to make sense, when thinking of my itty bitty experience with free protools and with video pgroams) that the number of tracks isn't the thing, it's the amount of effects that you're using, and how many tracks are playing at any given time.