Noize999 (mark p) (noize999) wrote in ilifegarageband,
Noize999 (mark p)

no more ilife 04?

i had the recent desire to put garageband back onto my imac. i have my ilife 04 dvd & i put it in to install but it gives me an error saying that one of the following programs are going & to shut them down. itunes, iphoto, idvd, quicktime, or garageband.
now i actaully dont have any programs running at all when im trying to install. i dont get it.
anyone bothered with ilife 04 & get the same problem? does it just not work with the updated version of Panther? does itunes 4.7.1 have anything to do with the error?
as it stands right now ive no idea what on earth to do to make it stop thinking ive got something running when i dont.
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